Friday, July 28, 2006


Rain or Shine

In a few hours, we will begin our community healing service to remember the execution of Sedley Alley, one month ago. In doing so, we recognize that homicide tears apart relationships. From the one single act, pain spreads outwards, like ripples on a pond. Those closest to the victim, both Suzanne Marie Collins and Sedley Alley, are the most directly effected, but the ripple touches us all. Because when the state kills, each and every one of us is a party to the action.

So, even as it threatens to rain, we will be gathering in community with one another, to share and to understand our loss. I have decided that it will not rain, but if someone isn't listening to me, we do have a tent and we will go forward anyway.

I hope to see many of you there.
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it feels good to know that we aren't alone, and that we can express our sorrow in ways that are respected by the group. especially on rainy gross days when you've ordered too much pizza.

(i blogged all by myself. eureka!)
Excellent blogging!

I couldn't agree more. We are a community and we need to support one another. I felt very touched and honored to be a part of this community on Friday. There will be a full blog post with pictures forthcoming.
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