Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Nothing to Report

Despite some hype from local news channels at the top of the hour, the only new development in the Paul Reid case is some serious whining by the Attorney General's office. The U.S. Sixth Circuit has not yet ruled on the state's motion to to vacate the stay of execution put in place by U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell when the state was unable to proceed with a full competency hearing (see today's previous post). While the Sixth Circuit is deliberating, the Attorney General has, apparently, gotten antsy. So the state has filed a motion with the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate the stay, despite the fact that the Sixth Circuit has not ruled.

In a nutshell, nothing has changed, we are still awaiting a ruling from the Sixth Circuit on the state's motion, and we hope that the Supreme Court will not rule until the Sixth Circuit does.

The death warrant initially issued for Paul Reid is valid until 11:59 pm tonight. If no court has lifted the stay by that time, the state will be forced to go back to the Tennessee Supreme Court and ask for a new execution date to be set.
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