Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Bad News in Paul Reid's Case

Paul Reid's request for a stay of execution was denied by the state court of criminal appeals today. Even worse, the Governor has just refused Reid's request for clemency. In denying clemency, Governor Phil Bredesen hid behind the argument that the courts have been examining the issue of Reid's mental competency. Despite his assertion that politics does not play a role in his decision, the Governor decided to give himself political cover by passing the buck to the court system instead of taking a principled stand. Since 1993, Governors of Missouri, Virginia, Georgia, Nevada, Louisiana, and Indiana have granted clemency due to concerns about the inmate's mental competency. Apparently Bredesen, who said "I do not believe that intervention by my office through the use of the Governor's clemency power is appropriate," is unaware of this.

You can read the Governors (curt) denial here.
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