Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Fast for Life and Raise Money for TADP

A few years ago, former TADP board chair and active supporter, Dr. Amy Sayward, decided that she would combine her support for TADP with her spiritual practices during Holy Week. Subsequently, the TADP "Fast for Life" was born.

Amy recalls, "On February 4th of 2009, I joined 66 other people in the single-digit cold, standing in an open field, trying to keep our candles lit, as the State of Tennessee executed yet another of its citizens. When I first came to Tennessee in 1998, it hadn't executed anyone since 1960. But that notable achievement is quickly fading; this was the fifth execution. (Since this execution, there has been another, making 6 executions in Tennessee in the modern era of the death penalty). While I'm always struck by the waste of such state actions, this execution was particularly poignant. As Chair of the History Department at Middle Tennessee State University, I had been told earlier in the year that I needed to be prepared to cut $320,000 from my department's budget. In other words, I was facing the prospect of having to let go 8 of my faculty - people who want nothing more in life than to teach and serve our young people - so that the State of Tennessee can continue carrying out such costly public debacles as this. I have rarely been so angry and yet so sad at the same time. And the financial woes for our state continue. TADP, like so many nonprofit organizations doing good work, needs continued support in this tough economy. So I am hoping that my fast can help to raise both awareness and money to help abolish Tennessee's death penalty. I hope you’ll be able to support my effort or join me in the fast."

During Holy Week and the week of Passover (March 30-April 3), Amy Sayward and Stacy Rector will be fasting (missing 10 meals during this period) as a protest against the death penalty. We are asking you to support this effort by donating $1 to TADP for every meal one or both miss. All donations are tax-deductible. Another way to participate is to fast yourself and ask your family and friends to sponsor you. Please note that if you decide to participate by fasting, you should contact your physician about whether or not you are physically able to do so.

Sign up now to participate and demonstrate your commitment to honor life by abolishing the death penalty in Tennessee.

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