Tuesday, March 09, 2010


20/20 Highlights Innocence Issues for Two Tennessee Death Row Inmates

On Saturday night, ABC News' 20/20 did a story on the cases of Gary Sutton and James Dellinger, two men who have been on Tennessee's death row since the early 90's. The men were sent to death row based on the testimony of former Tennessee Medical Examiner, Charles Harlan, who was fired and lost his medical license.

The story raises troubling issues about these cases and provides yet more evidence that innocent people are sitting on Tennessee's death row.

Watch the story here. Once you are on the website, to see both parts of the story, look at the column on the right under the date March 5. Then, click on "Inmates on Death Row: Is Harlan to Blame" and next click, "20/20 Confronts Dr. on Charges" You will be amazed by what is revealed.

Regardless of one's position on the death penalty, such troubling cases as these are more evidence of a system that is completely broken and cannot be trusted to always get it right. With alternatives available, why take such risks?
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Does anybody hear?
I hope so. Though the impact from one story like this is hard to measure, over time, perceptions can be impacted if enough of these stories are told.
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Those bastards ruined my family. Did anyone at 20 20 ask me. Look at the damn evidence and tell me who you think did it. My uncle had one leg and They shot shot him in the head. My aunt had three kids who no longer have a mother. They put my mamaw in an early grave and turned my mother into a drug addict. We beat them in numerous appeals and now 18 years later those monsters are still breathing MY air. If i had it my way both those bastards would have a bullet in their heads after they had been set on fire in 1992 not in 2010.
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