Monday, February 23, 2009


No Evidence Linking House to Murder

"DNA from key evidence in a Tennessee woman's slaying does not match the man who spent more than two decades on death row for killing her, according to new FBI lab tests."

Read more from this AP article by CLICKING HERE.

Once again, new evidence has been presented further indicating that Paul House did not murder Carolyn Muncey. The state plans to move forward with the trial. District Attorney Paul Phillips had this to say about the new evidence. "What the evidence would suggest to us is there may have been other people involved in the crime as well as Mr. House," he said."

When will Phillips admit that he convicted the wrong man? The state of Tennessee has already taken half of Paul's life and yet it continues to press on with this trial wasting taxpayer's money. Even more troubling is that the state had this evidence months ago and did not turn it over.

Federal Public Defender, (Stephen) "Kissinger says the state has also delayed turning over evidence reports."

"Basically they're stringing this out, just hoping they find some evidence House did it because they don't have any now," Kissinger said.


Comments :
No evidence? Surely you jest.
What evidence are you referring to? Please, do tell.
Read the Supreme Court case:

"This is not a case of conclusive exoneration. Some aspects of the State’s evidence—Lora Muncey’s memory of a deep voice, House’s bizarre evening walk, his lie to law enforcement, his appearance near the body, and the blood on his pants—still support an inference of guilt. Yet the central forensic proof connecting House to the crime—the blood and the semen—has been called into question, and House has put forward substantial evidence pointing to a different suspect. Accordingly, and although the issue is close, we conclude that this is the rare case where—had the jury heard all the conflicting testimony—it is more likely than not that no reasonable juror viewing the record as a whole would lack reasonable doubt."
You guys ought to know better. I've kicked butt on this blog before, and I will continue to do so. Best if you just ignore my posts. You cannot win.
We'll see who the smart one is when the retrial happens

"I've kicked butt on this blog before"

AHAHAHAHHA, you are a fool who apparently has no life
That the state may not, after all these years, convince 12 jurors beyond reasonable doubt that House is guilty does not mean that there was "no evidence" to support his guilt.

Guilty people go free in our system. Happens a lot. House may be one of them.

Does the name Roger Coleman ring a bell?

No life? Naaaaah. I got one. The ones without lives are those who dedicate their lives to save the lives of killers.
I equate you to those who supported slavery and segregation, or maybe you still support that?
Oh, and about those people without lives because they dedicate their lives to save the lives of killers.

At least they stand for what they believe in.

You are an anonymous coward who prowls on the internet with no accountability. You sit from your tower, probably some fancy law firm, and go on blogs as anonymous. A coward.
I stand for what I believe in too.

Cute the one comment about me supporting segregation.

Also cute how you move the goalposts. I cite the US Supreme Court, and then you're telling me about the retrial. Whatever.

House may be getting away with murder. Glad to see how cavalier you are about justice.
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