Friday, February 13, 2009


Steve Henley Media Coverage

"The EU says it has "strongly" condemned the execution of an American in a Tennessee prison earlier this month"

Read the rest of this AP article by CLICKING HERE.

"Society has a love affair with violence."

Read this Clarksville Leave Chronicle letter to the editor by CLICKING HERE.

"Watching Steve Henley's execution tears at a reporter's heart"

Read this Kate Howard Tennessean article by CLICKING HERE.

"Ama La Vida, Love the Life"

Read this Chattanoogan Opinion Editorial by CLICKING HERE.

"Is it time to re-examine use of lethal injection?"

Read this Nashville City Paper Editorial by CLICKING HERE.

"Henley put to death, but questions remain"

Read this Tennessean Editorial by CLICKING HERE.

"Death penalty law needs to be overturned"

Read this Dwight Lewis (Tennessean) Opinion Editorial by CLICKING HERE.

"Inmate Henley asserts innocence at execution"

Read this Juanita Cousins (AP) article by CLICKING HERE.

"A Discussion with Death Row Inmate Steve Henley"

Read this Brantley Hargrove (Nashville Scene) blog post by CLICKING HERE.

"Too many questions unanswered in Henley case"

Read this Tennessean opinion editorial by Rea Frey by CLICKING HERE.


Comments :
Oh gee, the EU has condemned the Henley execution.

I guess they had to take a timeout from restricting the freedom of speech.
Hey guys, why don't you take a look at this:

Guy kills when he was 14, gets slap on wrist, and then burns a woman to death in the trunk of her car.

You guys will get all worked up about executing a guy like Sedley Alley, but say nothing about preventable atrocities caused when violent criminals get a break.

Funny where your priorities lie.
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