Thursday, May 22, 2008


Six Days and Counting

As most of you know, on May 28th, Judge Harry Mattice will set the conditions for the release of Paul House to his mother Joyce's care. After over 22 years of life on death row and wheelchair bound because of multiple sclerosis, Paul House is set to go home. It remains unclear if he will be released the day of the hearing or perhaps a few days later, but regardless, his release is imminent.

On May 7, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with Judge Mattice's earlier ruling that the state either re-try Paul House in 180 days or release him. Union County District Attorney General Paul Phillips says that he is preparing for a re-trial; however, there is no evidence to justify the cost or time of a trial.

TCASK will keep you informed about next week's hearing. After all the prayers, work, tears, and time, Paul House is on the road to freedom.
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