Thursday, January 03, 2008


Another Great Paul House Article

On December 27th the Tennessean published another great article on the case of Paul House written by Dwight Lewis. It can be found HERE. I did not get the article up sooner because I was visiting my family in Seattle over break. I actually just received a phone call from Paul's mother, Joyce House, asking if I had read it. I then proceeded to complain to her about how sick I was and that I had a nagging cough. I made an appointment today to see a doctor this afternoon. Paul House has advanced multiple sclerosis and is receiving meager prison health care, what a world we live in. Below is a small sample of the article:

"How long of a road must a person travel to freedom when he's innocent of the crime for which he has been condemned to die? Is it 10 years? Is it 20 years? Until he dies in a prison cell under the watchful eyes of the state?"

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