Thursday, December 13, 2007


New Jersey on the Brink

"One hundred years from now I hope we will be remembered for having had the courage to be leaders in advancing this cause for a more civilized society," said Martin, R-Morris. This quote appeared in an article at Newsday and can be found HERE.

On Monday, the state Senate approved an abolition bill. Today, barring inclement weather, the Assembly will vote on abolition legislation. If it is passed, New Jersey will become the first state to rid of the death penalty by legislative means since 1965 when Iowa and West Virginia abolished it.

Nationally, there is momentum growing for death penalty foes, including here in Tennessee with the formation of a special study committee to study the administration of capital punishment. The Tennessee committee received a shout out in this article. Also, in the Newsday article, Michael McCormick's recent exoneration was mentioned as well.

We here in Tennessee are proud of the work of New Jersey's abolitionists and will continue to strive forward. As indicated by both articles mentioning this state, we are in the thick of this national abolition trend.
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Congratulations to New Jersey! They can be proud to be the first to do the right thing. Great to hear that both Republicans and Democrats voted to abolish! It's not a party line issue but a moral issue.
Way to go New Jersey!! Now Tennessee, let's be the second state to do the right thing and soon!
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