Monday, September 24, 2007


UPDATE: Harbison Date Rescheduled - Jan. 9, 2008

UPDATE: E.J. Harbison's execution date has been rescheduled for January 9th, 2008.

Judge Trauger did not rule on a stay of execution for E.J. Haribson on Friday because the state has asked the Tennessee Supreme Court to vacate Harbison's execution date of September 26. Due to the current injunction on the lethal injection procedure, the Department of Corrections stated that it needs additional time to determine what action to take and is not in a position to move forward with the execution.

The Tennessee Supreme Court must decide whether or not to grant the state's motion and then reset the execution date. The decision on whether or not to grant the motion will most likely come down today. Read about E.J. Harbison's case HERE.

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