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So more good news on our outreach front. Everyone (all 3 of you) who's been keeping up with our blog here, remembers that about a month ago I visited Giles County and, on that trip, spoke at the Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception. The response there was terrific, and the church immediately formed a subcommittee (of 14 people!) to work on the death penalty.

Over the course of the last month, the subcommittee has continued to educate their church, including announcements in the bulletin and distributing TCASK literature after mass, and, on Sunday, it all paid off. The parish council unanimously passed a moratorium resolution! That's the first, but surely not the last, church to pass such a moratorium resolution and it marks the second Catholic church in a week to pass such a resolution (see last weeks post "Rockin out in Franklin").

These resolutions come swiftly on the heels of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' call for abolition of the death penalty. We sent out a press release to the Catholic Register which we hope to see turned into an article following up on last week's article on the USCCB's call, in next week's issue. Did anyone see any other press coverage in the local media?
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CONGRATULATIONS, TCASK! way to be wonderful!
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