Saturday, December 10, 2005


clarification on vampires and attorney generals...

i feel that i should point out that when i opined that tennessee attorney general's surname was lestat that i meant no ill-will towards anne rice fans ...

and of course no disrespect meant for members of the legal profession ... we love so many of you for your big hearts and daring imaginations...

but as to summers he's just so out of step, so old-school in a bad way, so fred thompson-like (lacking the sense of humor of course) ... he's really the first ag in tennessee since re-instatement of the death penalty who has promoted an agenda of death from such a high state office ...

michael cody - i think not ... even knox walkup was a reasonable and knowledgeable sort of fellow when it came to this draconian and unreliable public policy ... but ag summers???

i mean he's a methodist for crying out loud ... has he not read The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church ???


Comments :
Bush is a United Methodist. The UMC book of discipline means nothing to many of its members. On the flip side, it has been the UMC that has opened its doors to vigils at every hint of an execution.

Paul Summers is a bad dude, yes. But you should have been around for Eric Dabb when Robert Coe was executed.
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