Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Thank you, Tennessee

I wanted to include a personal note of thanks to the whole board and to all of you out there. At last weekend's board meeting, the board, after much begging and debate, agreed to keep me on here at TCASK after my year with the JVC ends in August. I am, obviously, delighted and honored to be allowed to do this work with all of you. I am very blessed in being allowed to work for something a deeply believe in (to truly fight on God's side) and with such amazing people.

I'd especially like to make note of my incredible mentor, Randy, who works himself to the bone, and has done so for many years. Without him TCASK would certainly not be where it is today. If you ever wonder if heroes still exist in today's world, look to Randy.

With humble thanks to all
alex "the jesuit"
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