Monday, November 07, 2005


travel works...

resolutions matter...

we've been stuck on 93 in tennessee for some time ... because we've not been on the road, because chapters haven't recruited a resolution team, because inertia is a formidable challenge...

but that's history ... in memphis on wednesday we obtained 4 resolutions and in giles county over the weekend we gathered 6 more ... that's 10 in 5 short days ... all because we were out organizing ... now we're over 100 and we're snipping at the tail of ohio

so travel works - get out of your office, get out of your home, get out of your classroom and go where the people are...
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You're full of energy--your blog is newsy and great. Check out our blog in Missouri, through, or directly at
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Randy, I think you're 100% right. We can show the legislators
that their constituents want a moratorium using these resolutions.
Perhaps we should ask the Knoxville News-Sentinel editorial board?
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