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Monday, October 31, 2005


Wow! A hello to the whole wide world and Austin TX

So this is certainly exciting. Little ole' me out on the world wide web.

HELLO, WORLD WIDE WEB! (I hope that we're ready for eachother)

So an astute person looking at this blog might have noticed that, while it was introduced on October 26th, here I am, the subject of the blog, not even posting an introduction until Halloween itself, October 31. It looks bad, I'll admit, an inauspicious beginning but wait! There are reasons, deep in the bowels of the universe, and the first and best of them is. . . . the 2005 NCADP Conference in Austin, TX! Check it out at Randy and I, along with eight other incredible and cool activists from Tennessee, were lucky enough to attend this past weekend. It was my first NCADP conference and what a treat it was. In fact it was, in a way, the impetus for this blog. One of the workshops I was lucky enough to attend was on the internet and abolition and a great blogger, Scott Henson, gave a presentation really encouraging us to use this medium, so here I go. (For more on Scott and some terrific writing visit his blog at

Rest assured there will be a complete report on the conference tomorrow (consider this post a teaser) with pictures and shimmering descriptions coming tomorrow, but we need time to get all of our pictures together. Then on Tuesday night I'll be traveling to Memphis to hear Sister Helen Prejean speak, and spending the night to meet with churches on Wednesday. The real excitement of the week, however, will come on Friday when I head out for an entire weekend of outreach into Giles County (mostly in Pulaski). It'll be exciting and possibly scary but I'll let all of ya'll (yes! stop the presses the New Yorker just said ya'll) know all about it. For now, keep talking, keep thinking, keep praying, and keep working for abolition! I know I will.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Alex, say hello to the world. World, say hello to Alex.