Wednesday, December 09, 2009


State Requests a Date for Gaile Owens' Execution

The Tennessean is reporting that the state of Tennessee has officially asked the Tennessee Supreme Court to set an execution date for Gaile Owens, one of two women on Tennessee's death row. Owens was sentenced to death for the murder of her husband in 1986.

Read the article here.
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So sorry to hear this, esp. so soon after Cecil Johnson's execution. Is there anyone in legislature an 'individual' could write to who is at all open to moratorium? Thanks guys!
I was taken aback when I saw that they had ask to set a date for Gail Owens.

I worked the Max unit at TPFW for a long spell

Im not sure how to say this. I found Gail Owens to be a very hospitable person. I know she was involved in something very terrible.

I never had a problem with her, in all the time I was there.
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I think that people should realize that women that go into the prison are not the same after 20+ years...I personally know Gail Owens, and she is one of the most sweet, loving, & kind natured people you would ever meet. I wish She could read this, If she could I'd let her know again how much she is loved, and will be missed. So I guess I will just have to hop of here and write her instead.
I am so over our so called help you goverment that it is right now literally making me sick...
I personally know gail and it was not over night it was for several years and what may have taken place then was then and i do not mean to be harsh, nor do i mean to sound cruel,sorry for your luck dude and your passing but people grow old and change is naturally created.She is not the person that the media is saying that she is, or what her pass is saying about her.My prayer is that her appeal is granted, that they allow her initial plea is accepted under the old law and give her time served and let her go home to her son and grandchildren.
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