Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Generations Against the Death Penalty TCASK Benefit Concert Review

Yesterday evening, June 2, nearly 120 people gathered in the Belcourt's 1925 Hall to hear the musical styling's of parent-child duos, Rodney Crowell and Chelsea Crowell, and Ranger Doug (from Rider's in the Sky) and James Green. The musicians, in collaboration with TCASK board member, Lauren Brown, developed a two-hour "in-the-round" style performance that touched the hearts of cowboy-western music enthusiasts and caressed the ears of lovers of poetic lyrics.

Both families spoke out against the death penalty and graciously gave of their time and talents to share with the crowd a bit about why they oppose this form of punishment. Rodney Crowell paused before the final song to say "in my years I have seen that forgiveness and love are a lot stronger than the vengeance that is sought as retributive justice."

Singer-songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman and Gary Nicholson emerged from the audience to join the group on stage, each sharing a song that spoke to them about the power of forgiveness and love. Also in the audience was 1984 Figure Skating Olympic Gold Medalist, Scott Hamilton.

All in all it was a great night. Many thanks to the musicians who shared their gifts with us, the Belcourt Theater for graciously allowing us to use their space and again, TCASK board member, Lauren Brown for her work to organize this "cool" event!
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