Thursday, April 02, 2009


Paul House's DNA Not on Jeans

"Testing has again failed to find DNA from a former Tennessee death row inmate on evidence that will be used to retry him for a woman's murder."

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But the tests also found DNA from one of the stains is a combination of Muncey's and an unknown male, according to a lab analysis by Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings in North Carolina dated March 24."

I remain perplexed as to how these jeans, which are obviously tainted, could possibly be used to convict House. The fact that they were initially sent in the same package as the blood vials from Carolyn Muncey's autopsy lends itself to the possibility that this other blood was introduced onto the jeans at a later time as well. Bottom line, there is no physical evidence linking Paul House to the murder of Carolyn Muncey.

Read the AP article about Paul House here.


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