Thursday, July 24, 2008


More National News for Paul House

Deborah Hastings, an AP National Writer has written a fantastic and comprehensive article covering the case of Paul House.

Read it by clicking HERE.

Highlights include:

"Paul Gregory House has known many prisons. Death row. His own body ravaged by multiple sclerosis. A long, legal limbo that traps him between judges who've said he may be innocent — and state prosecutors who've refused to give up."


"Phillips still considers House a menace.

"The fact that he has MS and is confined to a wheelchair does not protect the community," Phillips said. "He is a person who tricks others into positions of vulnerability."

Joyce House doesn't believe he will ever abandon the case against her son: "He just don't want to admit he's made a mistake."

The federal public defender says that is the reason Phillips won't let go.

"How can you live with yourself if you admit that you took away the last healthy years of a man's life?" Kissinger said. "That's a big burden."


Comments :
The prosecutors are doing this, obviously, because they think House did it. There is a lot of evidence to suggest as much.
What evidence are you referring to that still points to House? All the evidence used to convict House originially, including the motive for the crime, has been debunked. I am curious what other evidence you know about that I don't.
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