Monday, September 18, 2006


Not a Willing Volunteer

This morning Daryl Holton has filed a habeas corpus appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court requesting a stay of execution. Holton is not seeking to pursue the current claims as to his competency to drop his appeals that the Federal Public Defenders are currently appealing in the Sixth Circuit. Instead, Holton is seeking review of unconstitutional burden shifting at his original trial.

It should be made clear that this appeal will not automatically result in a stay of execution from the court. However, what should also be clear is that Daryl Holton, having requested a stay of execution, is no longer a "volunteer" for execution, but rather he wants to live and to fight his conviction. The state of Tennessee is now preparing to kill an unwilling man.

Read Holton's appeal here.
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Is there a stay of execution?
Is there a stay of execution?
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