Friday, March 17, 2006


All Those Details

2006 is our year of 1st annuals at TCASK. We've had our first annual New Year's Resolutions drive, our first annual Concert for Life, and, coming up soon, our first annual Justice Day on the Hill. That's right, folks, it's time for us to get out there and actually talk to our state representatives, and about 40 people will be converging on the capitol on March 29th to do just that!

The day's schedule will be fun, we'll have registration and opening remarks between 8:00 am and 9:00 am followed by appointments with your legislators to discuss the need for a moratorium on capital punishment here in Tennessee. Folks will get to meet not only with their state representatives and senators, but can accompany their neighbors on their visits as well. We'll provide box lunches for everyone to attend, and then around 1 pm we'll hear from speakers from our many partner organizations in a press conference that everyone is encouraged to attend. And you should all be on your way by 2:00. And it's not too late too sign up and join us! Call me (Alex) at the office at (615) 227-6101 or email and I'll get you signed up.

But do hurry because the amount of detail and logistics work in setting up a day on the hill is astonishing. First we have to actual get all the information for all the people coming. Then we need to put together individualized folders for all legislators that we'll be visiting. Then we need to call and set up appointments (that don't conflict) for everyone who will be joining us. And we need display tables. And a place to put on our programs. And to schedule a press conference and find a venue and make sure that it can work for all the partners that will be speaking. And put together information for all of our members who are coming: talking points, appointment schedules, etc.

Phew. I'd like to say a public thank you to Whitney Mitchell, from MTSU, who is doing a political campaign internship with us and is in the office today doing a ton of work on this day and making it all possible (if you can, find some work study students to help you, people). But we will git 'er done. We already have people from more than 33% of the senate districts in the state! You could be next!
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